Yesterday was valentines day so I hope you all had fun appreciating the love you feel for your favourite person on the planet. (its me, Garold aka Y2G). With that in mind here is a statement from me regarding my position in TGS:

Since TGS’ conception I have had a lot of fun with the dudes. We’ve been through a lot musically and we’ve even made some songs that could even be seen as listenable. I have chosen to fully remove myself from the lyrical/rapping aspect of TGS for a number of reasons as follows:

  • There’s a lot of talented people around me who are better at this than me so I would rather support them than clutter the area with my shit.
  • I really cannot be bothered to write i think the most daunting part of the experience in TGS is having to write verses I have nothing to write about as I’m a working class white person.
  • I dont have the time! I’m a grown ass man(debatable) now with many responsibilities and I cant put as much time into this as I’d like.
  • Lastly I feel like the friends I’ve made through this musical escapade deserve to be pushed to the moon in terms of getting themselves out there. So I would rather have those who are passionate about music win out over me who thinks its funny to talk about my penis over a beat. (My thang strong though tell ya mother (only if she looks good)).

So in conclusion you may well never hear my deep chocolatey voice in music ever again but I will be helping TGS still as I am quite handy on the drums. Thank you for those who enjoyed my singular mixtape I made that was a lot of fun.

So please join me, your hero, Garold “Y2G” Walker in supporting cool music made by my friends. Here is a small collection of those friends to get you started: T-Time, Doctordude, Yung $kruff, AMMT, Barf Troop, Beinggigantic, Khris P, C-reezy, Andy Atlantis, Tunio, Illusive, Uncle Flex, Shane Fae, Ian Everets, Jayyeah, Allen Sharp and also of course Beyoncé who I dont actually know personally but whew that latest album was fuckin bananas!!! Shit!! WHOO!

- Gary